Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen

Run a fancy restaurant in an efficient way under pressure!
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This is a game similar to the TV show program, called HellĀ“s Kitchen. You are supposed to work in a fancy restaurant; you will have several levels to go through. It starts in the door of the restaurant and so far. Your master Chef is supposed to be in charge of the entire situation in the restaurant, so you have to do your best with this man, because he is a very demanding person and also a bad tempered guy. There are different levels of workers that you have to go through and the goal is to be an expertise chef a Senior Chef. In each day (you are supposed to work per one week in this restaurant), you will learn how to run in an efficient way the restaurant , your master Mr. Gordon Ramsay will be in charge all the time but you will learn how to do things in a good and an efficient way. In this game you also have the opportunity to have some amazing and good recipes. This entertainment game will improve your knowledge in the culinary art branch. Students and ordinary people you loves to cook, will learn how to work and cook under pressure. Good challenge! Impress Mr. Gordon!

Elsa Flores Ahedo
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  • Good recipes! and also an entertainment game, you can practice with this game if you have in mind to develop a real restaurant. It is available in several languages. It has excellent graphics. You can play it first per 60 minutes before you decide to buy it


  • A real big program 75.7 MB, you need to have a good computer with excellent graphic screen. In the trial version you do not have the option to resume your game and continue it later
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